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A Muslim prays: "Show us the straight Path," at least 17 times a day. There are different ways; straight ways and non-straight ways; reaching to the ultimate truth and not reaching to it. Our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) warned of it. "Follow my straight path; don't follow the non-straight path, you may go scattered," Allah reminds us through the Holy Qur'an. The Prophet's words that Muslims would separate into 73 groups will not become wrong. Complaining ones without knowing the truth and the ones who reached in non-straight path may be among them. Devil's active participation may too there to lead astray from the right path. Read more

Marhaban Ya Rabeeh

The holy Rabi al-Awwal made the believers excited too much. This is only by the cause that the month witnessed for the holy birth of our beloved Messenger, the mercy of the entire world (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). How can but be happy!
Oh, our beloved! You came to the world by unleashing all sorts of compassionate approaches to all the creations. Your father could not join in the pleasant moments of your family while your birth....? But... the universe is witnessed to a plenty of wonderful events during your birth blessed with the presence of stainless angles..... ! The historical books have chanted to us that Allah celebrated the holy birth of his beloved with the eventful aspects

Oh! Messenger! You followed a conditioned life style of good behavior, admirable conduct. . Read more
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