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The Way to the Right Path

  img_article A Muslim prays: "Show us the straight Path," at least 17 times a day. There are different ways; straight ways and non-straight ways; reaching to the ultimate truth and not reaching to it. Our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) warned of it. "Follow my straight path; don't follow the non-straight path, you may go scattered," Allah reminds us through the Holy Qur'an. The Prophet's words that Muslims would separate into 73 groups will not become wrong. Above the supporters who are on the non-straight path, enemies also encircled us. Some will also be around us by preventing us from entering into Paradise which arranged for the pious people and good - doers and blocking the way of truth and inviting to the non- straight path. Those who are in search of truth may have to face the temptations and provocation of them all.  
Complaining ones without knowing the truth and the ones who reached in non-straight path may be among them. Devil's active participation may too there to lead astray from the right path. But, Qur'an reminds that they could not lead astray these unblemished servants of Allah.

'The escaped group has an obligation to usher those who are ignorant of the right path and those who fell to the non-straight path to the straight way. This is the first and the most important responsibility of each Muslim. We should make use of all the means at its best that are not prohibited by the Islam. In this age Information technology has attained a considerable development. We should think how can we make use of this technology in Islamic propagation and should manifest the practicable methods. It is because of ignorance and misunderstanding that Muslims have to face challenges. Those Muslims are not succeeded as much in getting rid of them is true. We are not succeeded substantiating intellectually what is Islam and what is its message. We are not planning to provide this message into others' ears by making platform to it.

The prophet warns us through a `hadee sul qudsiyya: your prayers will not be accepted when you have lacked the state not able to advice with good things and discourage bad things. Allah demands us: "Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong". Therefore a Muslim cannot abstain from works Islamic propagation in any circumstance, or turn away from using the possibilities in its entirety; especially, in this situation where all enemies of Islam unanimously come forward to delineate it very badly and to eradicate it.

Those who want to escape from the punishment of Allah, those who want to save from the curse the prophets, those who fear in the destruction of the society and those who want their prayers to be considered should come out to the Islamic missionary works. Everybody should select a zone appropriate to himself.

The ideology of Islam is supreme, straight forward way and not having any crookedness. We should only be ready to present it before a people who think over it. This ideology doesn't need to present it by exaggerating and increasing. No doubt, there will be a change in intellectuals, if we succeed to provide this ideology to the sphere of the thought of them; for, Islam addresses to the intellect man. Qur'an wants to invite people to Islam through educational, ideological, and methods of reforming human intellect in the right order, through the clear documents which include Qur'an and hadith (the prophet's words and acts), through good advice, and ideal argumentations (16/125).

We should be able to impart Qur'an and hadith clearly and without any crookedness as is taught by our predecessors. There is no other religion or ism in the world other than Islam that is able to tell to debate with other people spreading its own ideas before them publicly. For, Islam does not doubt in its invincibility at the least. Qur'an introduces Islam as the powerful religion that it can surpass all others (9/33). This site is a little ascent towards the straight path called Islam. We expect all kinds of helps and co-operations from those who delve deep into the Islamic propagation (da'wa), and its importance. May Allah turn us victorious in all our efforts.